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  • PEOPLE AND… employees recruitment - candidates search for the permanent work positions. The process includes specification of the candidate profile, which the client is looking for, selection of the candidates on the basis of this profile, interviews, tests and subsidiary recommendation of selected candidates. LIDEA use all tools for selecting quality-rate candidates. We use our own portfolios of registered candidates, we ensure the media advertisement support etc.
  • PEOPLE AND… recruitment support – this service involves any support activities, related to the selection of employees for the full-time employment, starting with advertising, administrative tasks (possibility to activate a temporary hot line for applicant´s information), needed evidence and statistics and also psychological testing of candidates, languages tests and IT tests etc.
  • PEOPLE AND… tailor made search of employees - is search of candidates using the methodology of executive search, using in general for the positions on the middle and TOP management and rare specialists. It is a goal-directed addressing of experienced candidate according to profile, which is carefully, in details consulted with our client.
  • PEOPLE AND… outsourcing - is the undertaking of complete responsibility of the proceeding of human resources in the client´s company. In case our client would like to concentrate to the main line of business of his enterprise, client put the service-oriented proceedings to LIDEA Company. LIDEA ensures a complete service, constantly seeks for the needed staff and takes care of the personal and salary administrations, professional training planning, Health & Safety legislative etc.
  • PEOPLE AND… assessment centre - is a service which LIDEA provides our clients in case they need to appraise external candidates or even their internal employees, regarding their competencies, abilities, knowledge and pre-conditions for the performance of a specific position, namely to existing or a new created one, also in relation to the possibility of requalification or the career development. LIDEA prepares a personal audit tailored to client´s requirement.
  • PEOPLE AND… personal consultancy - is consultation in field of human resources. It is a complete consultancy, which is used not only by new-coming investors, which includes the research of local work resources in term of their accessibility and qualification, wages studies oriented locally, or with the professions` focus. Consultancy in field of legal – work documents etc.

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